Sunday Star-Times - 2 Aug 2020

Table of content - Sunday Star-Times (2 Aug 2020)

Is this the worst employer in NZ?
Small is beautiful
Ona pedestal ESCAPE
There’s something about Rose Hollywood has already signed up Kiwi’s first novel
Athletes reveal the ‘insidious’ world of NZ gymnastics
‘Are you wearing a bra under that dress?’
Stabbed and left paralysed as a 6-year-old ‘But I still choose to think myself lucky’
‘I was scared to complain for a long time’
Kiwiana breaks the mould
Why Covid-19 could cost NZ Olympic medals
Ma¯ori tourism rises to the challenge
NZ’s tennis prospects avoid match-play
An ode to the movie sales pitch
Kiwi avatar bridges digital divide for the deaf
Stabbed and paralysed at six – but still thankful
Loneliness – let’s work on this
Why Ardern won’t quit Facebook
‘I was scared to complain for a long time’
Hipkins: Tech at heart of tracing
Heard the one about dad-joke TV?
Chinese activist brave
Car flips on to side
The simple truth about downsizing your way to an earlier retirement
My bustling house turns into a den of silence
Solo parents struggling
‘We can end loneliness’
Fines and fury unleashed by law breach
Trudeau’s pilot in quarantine, misses birth
Stabbed and left paralysed at six years old: ‘I prefer to choose to think I’m lucky’
Stabbed and left paralysed at six years old: ‘I prefer to choose to think I’m lucky’
Defence Force could choose different path on Taylor case
‘I wasn’t sure I was the right person for the job’
‘Just eat an apple for dinner’: The culture of thin in NZ gymnastics
Gymnastics New Zealand investigation: ‘Insidious culture’
Labour, Nats are polls apart
Mark Boyd
From weed growing to organic feed
Westward ho! The Coast needs us
The Puzzler
World famous in New Zealand
Swift-ly moving along
Statues of exultation
Fact file
On the trail of the perfect drop (or three)
Cool Kiwiana breaks the mould
Lumsden’s slice of Americana
Brook Sabin and Radha Engling
Fact file
Folklore a Swift change of focus
Moore enjoys an erotic turn
British dramas offer thrills and intrigue
Culture club: Taylor-made for singular success
Emily Brookes
Living in a trailer-treasure era
Mitchell groovy fantasy will rock your world Review
Polly Gillespie
Women, midlife, moods and madness
Women, midlife, moods and madness
Covid-19 hard for everyone
Why we can’t be Covid complacent
Why Jacinda Ardern
Won’t delete her Facebook account
NZ gymnastics : ‘Fat-shaming, over-training, bullying’
Chiefs gnash teeth at ref’s harsh calls
NZ gymnastics: Fat-shaming and over-training
Ngatai strikes gold with late Nuggets
Blues talisman T J Faiane: We can’t fire unless our big boys do the job
Manu soars to keep Roosters in top four
Ko, Campbell hit form as Kiwis make comebacks
Phoenix coach defends Fenton’s tough challenge
Team NZ’s fresh face debunks Spithill myth
Northern Stars give home fans a boost
Why NZ’s top tennis prospects are avoiding playing matches
Irish eyes smiling as Lowe’s test dream goes green
Kiwi athletes may lose out to Covid dope cheats
M¯aori tourism: The challenge
Meet Niki, the Kiwi-created sign-language avatar.
Beamed electricity, the next wave in transmission.
Encouraging signs in access for deaf
Dark clouds of recession don’t appear so dark
‘Beamed’ electricity the next wave in power transmission
Orange is the new black T-Cross
Times Five
At a glance
Downsize, and live your life
Unique business opportunity in prime holiday destination
Election delay a ‘cynical move’
Pompeo subpoenaed over Biden documents United States
Astronaut duo to brave hurricane United States
Bojo promotes his bro Britain
Murdoch quits board
Prince ‘lobbied on behalf of Epstein’
Cut emissions or build defences, say scientists Australia
Victoria facing lockdown
Quick Crossword
Prince ‘lobbied for Epstein’

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