Wairarapa News - 30 May 2018

Table of content - Wairarapa News (30 May 2018)

80kmh on open road in Wairarapa
City folk moving out to the country
Fresh lead on tree poisoners
Changes in journalism
Science camp a success
Public transport system ‘below par’
Police support a knock-out idea
Medical bus off to Rarotonga
Fresh stroke technology to be rolled out
App to help families
Dignitaries choppered around NZ
Attention kids, please remain seated
Yarns in barns returns
Deadpool 2 ups gags and in-jokes
A farewell to my old friend
That is the end of the News
Counting cost of cow disease
The Kiwi art of volunteering
Region’s native birds back in force
‘Manuka gold rush’ causes sting in bees’ tale
Putting a price on Kiwi grandparents
GARDENING Roadside harvesting has upside
Eradication: 150,000 cattle to be culled
Farm suffers blow from M. bovis ‘stigma’
Too remote for the internet
Water quality target ‘not impossible’
Harry and Meghan’s Jaguar E-Type EV
Salmon and roast veges a perfect mix
My daughter is friends with shoplifters
MOTORING Mitsubishi NZ has made a monster ute
The road of the future is a life-sized slot-car track
Police interview after ref punched

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